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Tomahawk Surf & Turf

This 38 oz highly marbled, exquisitely tender, and flavorful cut of steak, is marinated in Cognac and is fit for a King and Queen. This beautiful steak is accompanied by the steamed lobster tail, oven-roasted garlic baby potatoes, asparagus, and grilled bell peppers. Served with wine cherry and Deluxe Steak sauce
Add edible gold + $40 | Add lamb chops +$28 |

Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25 | Add garlic shrimp +$15

Our Chef recommends the steak to be cooked medium rare. We will not guarantee the taste and texture of steaks above medium.
Please allow 30 minutes to cook medium steaks, 40 minutes for medium well, and 55 minutes for well done steaks


ALX_4221 (1)_edited.jpg

Gold Lamb Chops

Marinated Australian Lamb chops fresh off the grill and wrapped in edible 18K Gold leaf, accompanied by baby potatoes, rice, and vegetables, marinated

red onion, mint sauce, and flatbread

Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25 | Add garlic shrimp +$15


It's All There... Bloody Mary

Blackened shrimp, fried Shrimp, fried Salmon, fried Lobster tail, a pound of Crab legs, fried Soft shell crab, pineapple, vegetables, pickles, olives, and of course celery. We serve it as a Bloody Mary. This is the Ultimate dinner cocktail but with our Deluxe Twist. Here we have Tito’s

vodka and house-made spiced Bloody Mary mix. It’s a perfect appetizer and a cocktail all in one.

Add edible gold +$25 | Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25 |

Add garlic shrimp +$15



Filet Mignon Kebab

8 oz of beautifully marinated grilled Filet Mignon, marinated with a Deluxe blend of spices, accompanied by baby potatoes, rice, marinated onion,

vegetables, and flatbread with wine cherry sauce

Add edible gold +$25 | Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25 | Add garlic shrimp +$15 | Add lamb chops +$28


Chicken Kyiv Cutlet 

We use a hand-cut and pounded chicken filet that is stuffed with aromatic spiced garlic butter and parsley then fries to a perfect golden crisp. This classic European dish is accompanied by mashed potato, broccolini, and Grilled bell pepper with creamy garlic cheese sauce.

Add edible gold + $25 | Add lamb chops +$28 |

Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25 | Add garlic shrimp +$15



Duck Confit with Thousand-Layer Potato

Our locally sourced free-range duck is prepared in the French way of preserving the flavors and tenderness duck has to offer. This tender duck leg confit is served with the social media famous thousand-layer crispy gratin potatoes, broccolini, baby corn, caramelized carrots & onions. This dish is then finished with a drizzle of our garlic and herb duck Au Jus.


Chicken Kebab

These are skewered and grilled Marinated chicken thighs, accompanied by baby potatoes, rice, marinated onion, roasted bell peppers, and flatbread.

Add edible gold + $25 | Add lamb chops +$28 |

Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25 | Add garlic shrimp +$15



Short Rib Pasta 

Short ribs with pasta, It's the ultimate comfort food that is perfect for a true short rib fan when all you want to do is cozy up with a beautiful bowl of

pasta. Our beef short ribs are braised and then tossed in a creamy sauce with dark beer and mushroom powder and topped with Parmigiano Reggiano

 Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25 | Add garlic shrimp +$15

Add lamb chops +$28 |


Bordelaise Short Beef Rib

Delicious pieces of short rib are slowly cooked WITH RED WINE, CARROTS, CELERY, ONION, and GARLIC AND drizzled with Bordelaise sauce. accompanied with mashed potato. A classic meat and potatoes dish with of course our own personal Deluxe touch.



Lobster and Shrimp Pasta 

Butter poached lobster tail, lobster meat, shrimp in a velvety garlic cream sauce with a light touch of nutmeg and Shaved Parmesan. It’s another unique and Deluxe pasta option to add to your repertoire.


Gold Salmon 

Delicious pieces of Salmon, covered in our spice blend, and topped with a creamy sauce Served with mashed potato, Sauteed spinach,

and then finished with an edible 18K Gold. Color, texture, and flavor in complete harmony.

 Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25

Add garlic shrimp +$15


Top Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina. Deluxe Fun Dining

BBQ of Bones*

This perfect-to-share trio consists of marinated grilled lamb chops, chicken wings, and lobster tail (fried or steamed). This amazing trio is accompanied by roasted baby potatoes and three signature sauces.

Add edible gold +$25 

Add garlic shrimp +$15


Deluxe Lamb Chops

Marinated in a Mediterranean spice blend, these 5 oz Australian lamb chops come fresh off the grill. Accompanied by asparagus, marinated onion, baby potato, and homemade mint sauce.

Add lamb chops +$28 |

Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25 | Add garlic shrimp +$15



Wagyu Beef Dumplings

Our house-ground seasoned Wagyu beef is blended with a bit of diced onion and a pinch of black pepper. All of this is encased in a hand-rolled dumpling dough, It’s then cooked till the dumpling develops a silky texture but still keeps that bite consistency that we all look for in a properly prepared dumpling.


Scallops With Risotto

Perfectly seared scallops on a bed of spinach risotto, accompanied by asparagus and baby tomatoes.



Lobster & Shrimp Stuffed Baked Potato

Nothing at Deluxe is as simple as just a baked potato, so of course, we gave it our own twist by adding garlic and spiced seasoned lobster meat, shrimp, and melted cheese to create a baked potato fit for Charlotte royalty.


All About It Seafood Rice

Our version of the famous Spanish paella. With our chef's secret spiced blend, we have tossed

together Lobster, Shrimp, baby shrimp, baby scallops, Corn, tomatoes, and rice then baked them all together to get an original taste of Spain here in Charlotte. Color, texture, and flavor in full harmony.


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