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Dining In The Dark

⭐ A unique dining experience you can enjoy with your partner, family and friends
🍲 Eating while blindfolded will heighten your senses of taste and smell
👩‍🍳 A secret 3-course menu, that includes appetizer, main, and dessert, for you to discover on the evening

With a blindfold as a gateway, taste and aroma intensify, transforming each bite into an extraordinary adventure. Enter a realm of sensory delight where an intimate setting invites you to break away from routine and relearn how to use your taste buds. Get your tickets now for Dining in the Dark, an unparalleled encounter that transforms dining into a thrilling journey of discovery!

Menu options

Surprise your senses and test out your taste buds. Just choose your favorite color, and we'll take care of the rest...

🟢 Green (Vegan)

  • Starter: Savoury freshness and indulge in green. Sour hints blend with Mediterranean textures to give you a fresh start to the menu

  • Main: Feel the stir-fry, enjoy Asian flavors. As savory mingles with sweet, you’ll vibe to a Korean experience that will leave you mouth-watering

  • Dessert: End your dinner on a green high. Classic textures combine with fun freshness to create a delicious end

🔵 Blue (Seafood)

  • Starter: Bite into something crunchy and flavorful. Creamy textures combine with a sharp, vibrant taste and a surprising finale. A perfect way to open the meal

  • Main: If you’re looking for the best mix of flavours, look no further. Presented in layers, every part plays its role in creating the perfect harmony of color, texture and flavor. Worthy of a main course

  • Dessert: Savoury vibes combine with sweet hints to leave you wanting more. This finger-licking good end to a course includes different hints of creamy and crunchy

🔴 Red (Meat)

  • Starter: Small delicacies come together to surprise you with their texture and flavour. Get blown away by savoury combinations and spiced-up mixes

  • Main: The best meat has to offer mingles with roasted textures and a signature touch on the side. Perfect to share or alone for yourself, this dish will have your taste buds tantalized

  • Dessert: Enjoy the crispy outside and discover a creamy centre. Melting on your tongue, these fresh and sweet flavours are the cherry on top of your night

👉 After you purchase your tickets, please indicate your dietary requirements using the form provided. This action is mandatory!

Experience information

  • Exchanges are permitted up to 72 hours before the start time

  • Age 12 years old or older. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. You must be 21+ with a valid ID to consume alcohol

  • Tips and drinks are NOT included. Every guest is required to pay a $10 food gratuity at the end of the experience. Beverages consumed are an additional cost and are subject to additional gratuity.

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