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$40 per person 3 course meal

Deluxe Fun Dining Restaurant is one of the top brunch places near you. Why? It’s not a regular brunch. We turn ordinary into spectacular authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences, promising delicious food to elevate your taste buds in a fun atmosphere and impeccable service.

What to order? The Deluxe Fun Dining Brunch menu includes a starter, entree, and dessert. Try our most popular brunch menu items, such as Poppin` Popcorn Shrimp - our Deluxe twist on a classic, Shrimp And King Crab Gouda Grits - a childhood favorite took to a Deluxe level, 8 oz ribeye seasoned with another one of our Deluxe blackened seasoning blends, cooked to perfection and paired with any egg style of your choice and house style potatoes. Try our fan-favorite chicken wings on top of a red velvet waffle, another sweet and savory option to ponder on. We offer freshly made desserts for sweet lovers, such as crepes, warm Nutella croissants, and cheesecake.

We invite you to brunch with friends and family in Deluxe Fun Dining, located in the heart of Queen City - Uptown Charlotte.

Saturday-Sunday 11:30 am - 3 pm $40 per person


Finally, a reason to celebrate Mondays! Join us at our bar and enjoy 25% OFF all cocktails all day and 30% OFF all appetizers from 5 to 6 pm! Save big on upscale drinks and delicious starters without breaking the bank.

Meet our Queen of the night! It’s All There…Bloody Mary with Blackened Shrimp, fried Shrimp, fried Salmon, fried Lobster tail, a pound of Crab legs, fried Soft Shell Crab, grilled pineapple, vegetables, pickles, olives, and of course, celery. We serve it as a Bloody Mary. This is the ultimate dinner cocktail and appetizer, all in one, but with our Deluxe Twist. Another cocktail to try is Blackened Rose, a perfectly well-balanced Gin cocktail with floral notes.

Also, make sure to try our seafood appetizers, such as Crispy Fish Fries accompanied by our Deluxe garlic aioli. A Perfect appetizer for french fry lovers that want a bit more to go with their beer or cocktail. Our cheesy hot Lump Blue Crab dip is the ultimate shared dish! It’s decadent and cheesy with a touch of elegance accompanied by Crispy pita chips.

Party on Monday?! Come to Deluxe Fun Dining and we will prove that Mondays can be fun.

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Attention to all Lamb Chops lovers in town! Are you trying to find the best Lamb Chops deals in Uptown Charlotte? Look no further than Deluxe Fun Dining. We developed a special Tuesday menu and included your favorite Gold Lamb Chops, with our Deluxe twist. Gold Deluxe lamb Chops are absolute perfection and everything you could want in one plate…

That's not all! Lamb Chops and Tequila is one of the most quintessential food pairings. Only on Tuesdays enjoy 50% OFF our extravagant tequila-based cocktails: classy Paga De Oro.

If you agree that Tuesdays are exclusive to cocktails and Gold lamb Chops, join us to explore the world of Deluxe Gold Lamb Chops in Charlotte, NC!


Have you heard about Happy Hour? Forget about it! At Deluxe Fun Dining Restaurant we have a Happy Wednesday. Only $9 for selected cocktails and starters.

Cocktails Special:

  • Splish Splash

  • I don't know

  • Love & Lime

Starters Special:

  • Poppin’ Popcorn Shrimp

  • Itty Bitty Fried & Pretty

  • Mr. Crab Dip

Take your friends and come to Deluxe Fun Dining Restaurant to enjoy your favorite drinks and appetizers together!


It’s always a good time for a steak, but Thursdays are the best! Tomahawk Steak Special at Deluxe Fun Dining Restaurant. Only on Thursdays pay as low as $80 for a 40oz highly marbled, exquisitely tender, and flavorful cut of steak. It is marinated in Cognac and is fit for a King and Queen, and is the perfect steak for the important person in your life! This beautiful steak is accompanied by fried lobster tail, oven-roasted rosemary garlic baby potatoes, asparagus, and grilled bell peppers. It’s the perfect share dish as well!

  • Add edible gold + $40

  • Add lamb chops +$28

  • Add 6 oz lobster tail +$25

  • Add garlic shrimp +$15

Our Chef recommends the steak to be cooked medium rare. We will not guarantee the taste and texture of steaks above medium.

Cooking time:

  • 30 minutes for medium steaks

  • 40 minutes for medium well steaks

  • 55 minutes for well done steaks

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