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With its romantic ambiance and super food offering, the recently opened Deluxe The Fun Art of Dining invites you to savor the best of American and International cuisine. If you are in the mood for a quiet romantic dinner or night out with friends on the dance floor, Deluxe is a place to go and ready to accommodate any mood! The place offers a wonderful variety of classic American dishes with International flavor and truly unforgettable presentations that are the main attraction in the restaurant. You will be served by a knowledgeable and friendly staff that are true enthusiasts of the unique concept of bringing art into Your dining experience.
The menu includes an array of traditional dishes we all love with the twist of European and Asian dishes that will pleasantly surprise you. 
The restaurant is open for dinner every day of the week.

 We make sure our guests feel pampered and most importantly stress-free. With style, creativity, and an unsurpassed commitment to excellence, our team of Chefs, Event Coordinators, and Service Staff members create a truly memorable experience for our Clients and their Guests.

I have visited this new restaurant a few times since it’s opened in November 2019. Every time I was very impressed! The restaurant offers a very original concept combination of meals with a very unique presentation! You can tell that owners are striving to bring to their clients a new and refreshing dining experience. I am so glad we got such a unique place to the right in the heart of uptown Charlotte. Meals are to die for! Highly recommended!


I have never seen such a unique restaurant with such great service. Lots of varieties of food to choose from. I ordered a tuna that came in sesame seeds and was served on this beautiful tray with a huge fish. Got amazing pictures out of it for my Instagram too! Definitely coming back

Nina Lake

One of the best restaurants in Charlotte! The uniqueness of the food presentation and great taste of every single dish will make you a happy customer and create a pleasant experience! I highly recommend it if you want to have a special dinner or just a nice relaxing time!

Oxana Mak Folls

Love, love this new restaurant! Fresh ingredients brought in daily create tender, succulent, perfectly seasoned dishes. King of the Sea Octopus is a must to start! Absolutely the best I've ever eaten. The lamb shank is braised in a hint of fresh Mediterranean spices mixed perfectly with jasmine rice. Food is meant to be complemented with spices and that's what Deluxe does. They do not over a season or dredge the food in sauces, as so many restaurants do. Not only was the food delicious, but Deluxe also brought a totally new experience to dining. Dishes were presented in fun, unique displays that take food to an exciting, interactive dining experience! Patrons were roaming to one another's tables, conversating and just having fun sharing one another's artful displays. It created a warm, upbeat environment that makes me want to go back tomorrow! Owner-operator-chefs Astrik & Tatiana are passionate restaurateurs & are sure to make Deluxe a Must-Go-To restaurant! Their staff is attentive, upbeat and take pride in the experience they bring to each table &/or cocktail, also. It was such a great choice to go here! I look forward to enjoying many more delicious Deluxe food & surprises.

Leslie Local Guide

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