What to Know Before You Go:

  • Experience some of the best food the metro Charlotte area offers during Queen's Feast: Charlotte Restaurant Week!

  • Prix fixe price is  $45 per person for a 3-course meal. Tax and gratuity are not included.

  • Prix fixe special is available for DINNER ONLY, January 19-30, 2022.

  •  Please check the operating hours when making your plans.

  • Reservations are recommended.

  • Menus are subject to change without notice based on product availability.

  • Coupons won't be accepted during Charlotte Restaurant Week.

  • If you are unable to keep your reservation for any reason, PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE AND CANCEL as soon as possible to give other diners and the restaurant the opportunity to fill those seats!

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Restaurant Week Menu




Romaine, Sweet Peppers, Shaved Parmesan, House Caesar, Deluxe Croutons   

 OCTOPUS                                                                                                          Braised Octopus, Lemon and Oregano Compound Butter, Butter Poached Baby Potato Medley


CRAB  DIP                                                                                                Lump Blue Crab, Cheddar, Cream Cheese, Crispy Pita Chips


CHEESE PUFFS                                                                                    Fontina, Mozzarella, Feta, Puff Pastry, please allow twenty minutes



House Brined and Crispy Shrimp, Heirloom Flint Popcorn, Deluxe Sauce


SHORT RIB                                                                                               Slow Demi-Glace Braised Short Rib, Butter Poached Baby Potatoes, Bordelaise


Duck Breast, Sweet Brown Butter Spaghetti Squash, Orange Glaze


*WESTER ROSS SALMON                                                           Blackened Salmon, Broccolini, Blood Orange Beurre Blanc


LAMB SHANK                                                                                     Australian Lamb Shank Confit with Mint and Mediterranean Spices, Saffron Basmati Rice, Lamb Demi

WILD MUSHROOM TAGLIATELLE                                           Tagliatelle, Seasonal Mushrooms, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Parmesan

EYE  AND CHOP DUO +$35                                                               Ribeye Heart Medallion, Lamb Chops, Sweet Brown Butter Spaghetti Squash, Madeira Glazed Broccolini, Cracked Black Peppercorn Bordelaise


 LAMB CHOP KEBAB +$25                                                      

Pan-Seared Lamb Chops, Butter Poached baby Potato Medley, Saffron Basmati Rice, Ajvar, Pita, Turkish Red Onion Salad


LA BETE NOIR TORTE                                                                      Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Sauce, Pecan Crust


CHEESECAKE                                                                                                   Goat Cheese Mascarpone Cheesecake, Pineapple Glaze


ICE  CREAM                                                                                       

House Made Ice Cream of the Day

Our service staff helps create the “Fun” in “The Fun Art of Dining.” During these trying times. We have implemented an 18% service charge



Guests in parties of 6 or more will receive our "Special Large Group" menu. That Menu can be found on our website "Large Groups" category. For Groups of more than 20 guests, we can create a special Buffet or Family Style menu. Menu prices and menu items are subject to change without prior notice.